Welcome to Gold Ticket Media.  Our business is unique because we work with the best entertainment, security, and  automation companies America has to offer.  This ensures our customers,  whether residential or commercial get the best service and prices no matter what provider they choose.  Sometimes breaking the bundle is what's best!


Our customers always come out on top because we work with so many different providers.
More choices mean we can cater packages to find out what's truly best for you and your family.
No more hidden increases as our customers are notified by both phone and email when special promotions end.

8201 Arrowridge Blvd.

Suite 148

Charlotte NC, 28273



What we can do for you


Some Of Our Providers

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For more information please send us a message under contact,  through chat,  or call our toll-free  number and a representative will be in touch with you.


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